Damp Proofing in Loughton

Damp Proofing Contractors in Loughton

For more than thirty years, Property Care Services Ltd has been serving our neighbours in the Essex town of Loughton. We provide the very best in damp proofing solutions that our home town has to offer. We perform accurate and detailed damp surveys and reports, as well as property repairs, woodworm treatments and more. We are rising damp specialists, installing Damp Proof Courses of the highest quality across the town.

Professional Damp Proofing Contractors in Loughton

As your local water proofing experts, we have much to offer our customers across Loughton. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Damp Proofing in Loughton

Just as there are many types of damp that can affect your property in Loughton, so there are many ways of dealing with it.

Fortunately, our team of damp proofing contractors have experience with all of them. After identifying both the type and the cause of the damp, they will come up with the perfect damp proofing solution.

Surveys and Reports in Loughton

Damp surveys and reports serve a dual purpose.

If you have already spotted damp on your property and suspect there might be more, a damp survey can confirm that. Likewise, if you are buying, selling, or leasing a property, a full damp survey and report may be a requirement of your lender or insurance company.

Woodworm Treatments in Loughton

The most common form of woodworm treatment that we provide is to coat your house timbers with a chemical insecticide.

This soaks into the wood, killing off the woodworm and preventing further infestation. For certain types of woodworm, the same chemical needs to be injected directly into the bore-holes to be sure of killing them.

Property Repairs in Loughton

Ridding your property of damp is often just the first step in restoring it to its former condition.

Damp, rot, and woodwork can have devastating effects on timbers, brickwork, and plaster among other building materials. We work quickly to fix all damage to your property, repairing materials where we can and replacing them where we cannot.

Plastering and Rendering in Loughton

Of all the building materials effected by damp and humid conditions, plaster and render are the most common ones we encounter.

Prone to crumbling once exposed to damp conditions, the weakened plaster needs to be cut away before a fresh batch can be applied to adequately patch the hole. This is then skimmed to a neat and even finish.

Epoxy Resin Waterproofing in Loughton

If you want to protect your floors from everyday wear and environmental damage, give Property Care Services a call today.

We can coat wooden and concrete floors with a water-based epoxy resin from Delta Membranes. Once dried Water Based Epoxy leaves a tough, non-toxic, waterproof, easy to clean surface. 

Protecting Your Property in Loughton

When you call out Property Care Services to handle any kind of plastering, damp-proofing, or woodworm treatment, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

We make use of thick plastic sheeting to protect your floors, furniture, and belongings from any errant dust, dirt, or chemicals that our team might have to employ.

Why Choose Property Care Services Ltd?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your rendering and plastering needs in Loughton. Here is just a few of them, based on feedback from our existing customers…

Property Care Services Ltd is a proud member of the Federation of Master Builders, making us a company you can depend upon for quality workmanship and great customer service. If you want to know what our former customers have to say about our work, feel free to check out our Reviews page elsewhere on this site.

We are based right here in Loughton, meaning you have the region’s leading damp proofing contractors practically on your door step. We are proud of our association with the town and the broader Essex area. Our proximity ensures that all our Loughton customers can expect a prompt and punctual arrival to every damp proofing job.

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For a damp proofing company you can rely on in Loughton, contact Property Care Services Ltd today. Call us on 0208 506 2233 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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