Damp Proofing in Wanstead

Damp Proofing Contractors in Wanstead

For the past thirty years, we have been providing damp proofing solutions to the people of Wanstead and the surrounding area. We have our own small, dedicated team of damp proofing contractors with decades of experience between them. They work hard to deliver wood worm treatments, Damp Proof Courses, property repairs, and more. We also compile damp proofing reports, based on detailed damp surveys conducted by our team.

Professional Damp Proofing Contractors in Wanstead

As your local water proofing experts, we have much to offer our customers across Wanstead. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Damp Proofing in Wanstead

Here at Property Care Services, we pride ourselves on offering the right damp proofing solution for each of our Wanstead customers.

We carefully assess the nature and extent of your damp problem and provide the most effective way of combating it. Whether a damp proof course, condensation control, or structural water proofing, you are assured quality work.

Surveys and Reports in Wanstead

If you are buying or selling a property, or have simply discovered patches of damp and are concerned there may be more, we can help.

We provide full damp surveys for our customers in the Wanstead area. We compile damp reports that detail the full extent and location of any damp issues, together with our recommendations for appropriate treatment.

Woodworm Treatments in Wanstead

There is a variety of wood-boring insects that are classed as woodworm in the UK.

They lay eggs in the wood and their larvae burrow deep into your timbers, where they feed on the cellulose. This will weaken the wood in question, posing a serious structural threat for your property. We use chemical insecticides to eradicate these pests.

Property Repairs in Wanstead

Property repairs are an integral part of our general damp proofing services, since damp, rot, and mould can cause significant damage to a home or commercial building.

This includes weakened timbers, deteriorating plaster, and eroded masonry and brickwork (particularly the mortar). We provide an extensive range of property repairs to mitigate any damage your home may have suffered.

Plastering and Rendering in Wanstead

By far the most common form of damage caused to properties by damp and mould is damage to your plaster and render.

Affecting both the interior and exterior walls, these materials quickly lose their strength, becoming crumbly to the touch. We cut away the damaged plaster, filling the hole with a fresh batch mixed to the right consistency on-site.

Epoxy Resin Waterproofing in Wanstead

When it comes to protecting your wooden or concrete floors, few solutions work better than an epoxy resin coating.

We use a water-based product from Delta Membranes, one that we know delivers quality results every time. Epoxy resin creates a hard-wearing, protective coating that our Wanstead customers can reasonably expect to last for years.

Protecting Your Property in Wanstead

At Property Care Services, we understand how important your home is to you and your family, which is why we do all we can to protect it.

We bring our own durable plastic sheeting with us to every job, which we use to cover your floors, furniture, and other important items. This protects them from dust, dirt, and grime.

Why Choose Property Care Services Ltd?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for your rendering and plastering needs in Wanstead. Here is just a few of them, based on feedback from our existing customers…

You do not get the reputation for excellence enjoyed by Property Care Services Ltd without being great at your job. Our membership of the Federation of Master Builders is further evidence of our commitment to quality. If you would rather hear about us direct from our former customers, feel free to visit our Reviews page elsewhere on this site.

To reach our Wanstead customers from our base in Loughton could not be easier. Heading along the M11, our team of damp proofing contractors can normally manage the journey in under 15 minutes. It is a route we know well, having travelled it hundreds of times over the years. This ensures a timely arrival on every damp proofing job.

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